Seamless experiences

User-centric-experience with seamless sound integration!


The end to annoying 30 second ad interruptions!


A funny jingle can be as contagious as an earwig and can influence a user for longer. Create an emotional connection!

Sound is the next trend!

With amazing echo and google home, sound is getting more and more relevance!

Our Focuse

Reliable and Secure Platform

We focus on best tracking and non-adfraud behaviour for both parties - publishers and advertisers!

Everything is perfectly organized

With our developer and publisher dashboards and our 24h support, we offer you a perfect organized plattform.

Rapid customer support

Not only our PR but also our development team is working for you!

Amazing Compatibility.

Our Software can be implemented in almost every mobile phone down to 5 year old smartphones! Easy integration and minimum hardware requirements. Fast loading and caching especially in low-connection areas!

Remarkable Features

High-performance real-time tracking with an easy editable campaign builder.

Comming soon!

Stay connected and we will keep you up to date!